Protecting Licensure For Nurses In Pennsylvania

Many vocations are subject to government regulations and standards of practice, and medical professionals are no different. Nurses must remain up-to-date with education programs and standards of practice. Violations can result in a nurse facing discipline or license revocation from the State Board of Nursing in Pennsylvania.

At Cipriani & Werner, P.C., we work with professionals in many types of occupations in Harrisburg and across Pennsylvania. We help our clients ensure they are in compliance with professional licensure regulations and assertively defend them when their licenses are in jeopardy.

If you are concerned about your professional future because of an investigation or are being scrutinized by the State Board of Nursing, contact our office to arrange a consultation. Our lawyers are here to help.

Comprehensive Service For Nurses And Other Medical Professionals

License violations and accusations of wrongdoing can result in disciplinary action from the State Board of Nursing. Examples of issues that may result in disciplinary action include:

  • Falsifying records of your work
  • Failing a drug, alcohol or other controlled substance screening test
  • Failing to disclose criminal convictions
  • Failing to renew your license or practicing without a renewed license
  • Accusations of medical malpractice
  • Reciprocal discipline for a violation in another state

Our firm handles licensure issues for a wide range of nursing professionals, including dietitians and nutritionists, registered nurses, practical nurses, graduate nurses and certified registered nurse practitioners (CNAs).

Only You Can Protect Yourself

Remember that the hospital or clinic that employs you as a nurse does have insurance to cover accusations of wrongdoing, but that insurance only covers the hospital or clinic. As an individual nursing licensee, you can be held accountable for accusations against you, specifically. That is why it is critical to retain an experienced attorney who understands professional licensure issues. Our firm is ready to help.

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