Ensuring A Strong And Growing Business Is Passed On

Forming and operating a business may start with a good idea, but the path to long-term growth and success begins with a solid legal foundation. The same can be said for when it is time for that business to be passed on.

If you own and operate a business, you may want ownership to be passed onto friends, family or close colleagues when you can no longer handle the business yourself. Business succession planning provides a means for estate assets like businesses to be handled thoughtfully, strategically and legally. At Cipriani & Werner, P.C., our attorneys have the experience and commitment to service that you need to ensure your business is handled properly.

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What Should I Consider When Outlining My Business Succession Plan?

You may want your family members to take ownership over the business you have built, but what if they are not interested in taking such an active role and/or have different career aspirations? What if you are splitting ownership between multiple heirs or beneficiaries? What if you plan to pass the business on to professional associates, rather than your family? How can you prevent conflicts from arising after you step away?

A smooth transition for business operation is critical when determining a succession plan. That is why we encourage our clients to handle these issues as early as possible while they are still highly involved in the business. We help our clients implement management and operational strategies such as corporate and entity governance processes.

We also ensure strategic decisions are made with regard to income taxation, contract law, employment law and more. That way successors are provided a clear path for ongoing management even as you step away.

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