Protecting Assets In Pennsylvania

A key concern for many people with significant assets is how to protect them from lawsuits and other liabilities. At Cipriani & Werner, P.C., our attorneys draws upon extensive estate planning and business law guidance to help our clients protect their assets to the greatest possible extent.

Establishing A Holding Company

One powerful asset protection and risk avoidance tool many people are turning to is establishing holding companies. A holding company does not produce goods and services, but rather owns property and protects it. A holding company offers many advantages, including reduced exposure to tax liability and lawsuits.

If you have questions about establishing a holding company, our lawyers can provide you with experienced guidance based on decades of legal experience.

Business Law Guidance

Our law firm can advise you in estate planning and asset protection matters as well as on business law issues. Our strong background in business law allows us to assist clients in entity selection, establishing LLCs and other corporate entities, and resolving disputes.

Contact Us For Asset Protection Services

We provide asset protection guidance to clients throughout Pennsylvania. To discuss your legal needs in a confidential consultation, please contact us online or by telephone at 717-884-8923.